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Private Lessons

2017 - Present

I have been playing piano for more than five years. I like how each new song I learn presents a different challenge—my teacher gives me a new song to learn every week! I also take pride in playing new songs for my family after I master them.

Listen to me play!


2018 - Present

In Robotics, I learn to code in Python, a type of computer language. I have been taking Robotics for over four years. I started by building a robot and coding its actions. At age 8, I began working with drones. I've coded them to go through obstacle courses, jump over objects, and even play a tune! 


AoPS Academy San Diego

2021 - Present

For the past two years, I have taken math courses at the AoPS academy, which involves weekly classes with homework and tests. The courses guide us through both independent and group-based problem-solving. I really enjoy learning math this way and getting to meet students from different schools in San Diego who share my love for solving math problems.

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