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Francis Parker Lower School

2021 - Present

National History Day is a year-long educational program where students create a project that explores local, state, national, and world history. In 2021, it was offered as an optional activity to 4th graders for the first time. I participated in a group with two other students in my grade, where we explored a historical topic related to the annual theme, Debate and Diplomacy. We conducted research using libraries, museums, and websites and met virtually three times every week to analyze our findings and discuss our topic's historical significance.

Our final project involved showcasing our work on a group poster project that was entered into the San Diego County competition, where we won in our category. We were then entered into the state competition, where we traveled to Sacramento to present to a panel of judges and ultimately won in the category of Elementary Group Poster for the State of California.

This year, I will be collaborating with the same group, exploring the discovery of the Double Helix by Watson and Crick.

Francis Parker Lower School

2019 - Present

Mathletes is an after-school program where we meet once weekly to practice problem-solving for the Mathematics Olympiad for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS) national contests. I have participated since 2nd grade and won national honor roll medals.

I love to learn new ways to solve problems and new concepts. The best part of this program is working in teams. Just before a contest, we have timed team races that challenge us to solve math problems as fast as possible. I never thought I would hear people scream and jump with joy after solving a math problem!

Squires-School Ambassadors

Francis Parker Lower School

2022 - Present

Squires are the School Ambassadors for Francis Parker Lower School. Our job is to help welcome prospective families at the School Open House and spring welcome event and give school tours. After submitting an application to the program director and being selected, we studied facts about the history of the school, along with information about student and family life at Francis Parker. At the fall holiday concert, we helped grandparents find their seats!

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