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Francis Parker Lower School

2022 - Present

My responsibilities include assisting in the regulation of vehicle and pedestrian traffic and reporting traffic violations. My SSP team is responsible for every Tuesday morning arrival and afternoon dismissal. On our assigned days, we also meet with the officer in charge of our school for training on how to keep our students safe. It has been fun to work with my team while helping students and families safely cross the street right in front of our school. I think we make a huge impact at Francis Parker. We even got to go to a Padres game together!

From San website:


The mission of School Safety Patrol is to promote safe crossing of elementary students and their families to and from school and to provide classroom education to maximize the safety of students at all times. The School Safety Patrol is in nearly 90 schools throughout the city. Fifth and sixth-grade students make up nearly 2,000 SSP members whose job it is to cross children and adults safely at their school locations. They are selected, trained, and supervised on an ongoing basis by Juvenile Services Team Officers from eight area stations. Their jobs include:

  • Control pedestrian traffic

  • Control vehicle traffic

  • Watch and report traffic violations

Francis Parker Lower School

2018 - 2021

I was elected Student Council Representative in each of my classes from 1st to 4th grade. During that time, we met once weekly to discuss concerns from our class and brainstorm solutions. We also planned fundraising activities, such as hot chocolate and lemonade sales for local charities and a student-led walk around the school to fund the digging of wells in Africa. In light of recent events in Ukraine, we wrote a poem about Ukraine and presented it to the entire school.

Girl Scouts of San Diego

2018 - Present

I started as a Girl Scout in kindergarten and have participated through fifth grade. My troop started as daisies. After earning the required badges, we became brownies, and now we're juniors! We've earned badges in lots of categories, including engineering, entrepreneurship, first aid, and other STEM topics. We also had overnight campouts and visited a working farm in Alpine. Over Christmas, we visited a nursing home near our school, where we sang Christmas carols and had hot chocolate and cookies with the residents.

We've done many activities with other troops around San Diego. It's always fun to meet Girl Scouts from different schools and areas in San Diego.

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